Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Why Decorating with Vintage is Just Better

One of the many (many) reasons I love vintage is that unique element it adds to your home. Having a well decorated home just makes you happier, in my humble opinion. While I know that some people just don't have that decorator gene and decorating with vintage is not as easy as buying new things, I feel it is well worth the effort.
I get this statement from people ALL. THE. TIME. "I just don't know how to decorate with vintage." Which is probably why big box stores do so well, you know besides the billions of dollars at their disposal, they put together nice displays and show you how to use the items in your home.
 Vintage offers a little more challenge, when you decorate with vintage you're not going to be able to furnish your whole house in one swoop the same way you would if you went to Ikea. For me, that's part of the thrill, putting the time and effort into decorating with forgotten treasures or repurposing older items, it makes your home more meaningful. Anyone can go buy the new stuff, but by reusing things from the past, you can decorate with pieces that have a story, a history and are often of better quality than the new crap stuff. So maybe searching this stuff out isn't your forte, well you're in luck, there are many vintage sellers that love finding this stuff for you and we can't keep everything. Below I've shown you few different uses for the Dansk Teak Tray and incorporated it with some vintage from my shop.
All these items can be found here: orrefors candle holdercandelabra, and teak tray
I always like to include some seasonal decorations with my displays, it adds some variation and colors that can't be beat. I also may have taken the spruce clippings out of the local dumpster…

Similar amber glass that would also look great as part of this display.
This Fall theme is easy to put together, maybe you have a pumpkin spice candle you can use instead of the amber glass or any neutral or yellow McCoy planter would add a pop of color.
The teak Dansk tray can be used with pretty much any display or items, you can also use it to hold your barware.
Turquoise BarwareApple Ice Bucket
Have this tray sitting on your coffee table and display candles or other decorative items.

Big White Yeti candles can be found here (and they're awesome).

Kokeshi doll

These teak trays are so versatile, you can use them for so many different things. I have a similar tray that I use to hold my barware, but I love it because I've also used it in my kitchen to hold things and on my coffee table for display.What would you guys use this teak tray for? Let me know in the comments.

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