Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Why Decorating with Vintage is Just Better

One of the many (many) reasons I love vintage is that unique element it adds to your home. Having a well decorated home just makes you happier, in my humble opinion. While I know that some people just don't have that decorator gene and decorating with vintage is not as easy as buying new things, I feel it is well worth the effort.
I get this statement from people ALL. THE. TIME. "I just don't know how to decorate with vintage." Which is probably why big box stores do so well, you know besides the billions of dollars at their disposal, they put together nice displays and show you how to use the items in your home.
 Vintage offers a little more challenge, when you decorate with vintage you're not going to be able to furnish your whole house in one swoop the same way you would if you went to Ikea. For me, that's part of the thrill, putting the time and effort into decorating with forgotten treasures or repurposing older items, it makes your home more meaningful. Anyone can go buy the new stuff, but by reusing things from the past, you can decorate with pieces that have a story, a history and are often of better quality than the new crap stuff. So maybe searching this stuff out isn't your forte, well you're in luck, there are many vintage sellers that love finding this stuff for you and we can't keep everything. Below I've shown you few different uses for the Dansk Teak Tray and incorporated it with some vintage from my shop.
All these items can be found here: orrefors candle holdercandelabra, and teak tray
I always like to include some seasonal decorations with my displays, it adds some variation and colors that can't be beat. I also may have taken the spruce clippings out of the local dumpster…

Similar amber glass that would also look great as part of this display.
This Fall theme is easy to put together, maybe you have a pumpkin spice candle you can use instead of the amber glass or any neutral or yellow McCoy planter would add a pop of color.
The teak Dansk tray can be used with pretty much any display or items, you can also use it to hold your barware.
Turquoise BarwareApple Ice Bucket
Have this tray sitting on your coffee table and display candles or other decorative items.

Big White Yeti candles can be found here (and they're awesome).

Kokeshi doll

These teak trays are so versatile, you can use them for so many different things. I have a similar tray that I use to hold my barware, but I love it because I've also used it in my kitchen to hold things and on my coffee table for display.What would you guys use this teak tray for? Let me know in the comments.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Some Finds and Blog Ideas

Wow, it's been a while since I updated this blog. I would make a sweeping declaration about how I am going to try to be more consistent with my updates, but we all know how well that usually works. I was thinking of trying something new with my blog, instead of just doing posts on my weekly finds, which I will still do. I want to feature collectors and their collections- because really who better to get information from than a collector? Maybe some vintage recipes, you know the ones with spam and green jello, I'll even wear a frilly apron and pearls when make them. Also, I want to feature how to decorate with vintage. What do you think? Would you be interested in something like that? Tell me! Tell me! On that note, here are some of my super fly finds of the week.

How great is this bowl? I love the atomic feel and color- perfect for any mid century home!

Fauna bowl designed by Oiva Toikka- seriously the detail and imagery of this glass can't even be conveyed in a picture. 
Stavangerflint ceramics designed by Inger Waage, so whimsical and lovely.

The pattern on this dish is daisy and button, I love the amber color too.

Hope you folks have a great week and let me know about the blog idea. :)

Monday, February 9, 2015

Enamel Bowls + Promotional Pyrex

I went to an estate sale this week and stood out in the cold to be one of the first people in the door. I actually hadn't intended to stand in line (because, hello it's cold!), but I must have misread the opening time. So I stood in line and listened to the people in front of me complain about their health problems. Moral of the story, I'm glad I did! I found this amazing Finel bowl.
This Finel sunflower bowl designed by Kaj Franck is in the shop
I have been on a mission to find jadeite for a fair price to restock the shop, it's become so popular I can't find it or keep it around for very long. This bowl has some damage, but is still wonderful. 

Jane Ray Jadeite Bowl
Also thrifted the sweetest pair of kokeshi dolls, they melt my cold heart.

Kokeshi couple
This cute jadeite lotus candle holder came from a consignment shop, wish I had found the pair.
Fenton Jadeite Lotus candleholder
This bowl was a really great find! Found it at a thrift store I usually avoid, because I never find anything there and it is in such great condition! I was so excited when I picked this up.

Krenit Enamel Bowl
And last, but not least I got this for a fair price at one of my favorite mid-century modern stores. I can't say no to promotional Pyrex and this piece is in minty condition.
Pressed Flower promotional Pyrex casserole, and it's already sold. :)
Hope everyone else had a great week thrifting/doing what you love.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Vintage Finds From IL and WI.

Did a little thrifting in my favorite spots in Wisconsin and Illinois, here are a few of my finds and tales of thrifting.
Sweet Kokeshi laquer box found at my favorite consignment shop.

This Dansk Fjord flatware set is my absolute favorite find of the week (month), I found all but the spoon at one Goodwill and then found the missing spoon to my set at my local Goodwill. IN TWO DIFFERENT STATES! Isn't that crazy!?

Cant resist a cute Berggren teapot when I find one.

I was having this internal dialogue in my head when I found these: "Geez, why do I come here? I never find anything, this place is full of cra… OH!"

Cute platter, does anyone know the maker and/or pattern!?

And finally, I decided to photograph my Dansk collection. Those bright enamels are my favorite.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Just some finds.

Wooh, it's been awhile and believe me, I've found some awesome stuff.
My favorite find last week was a first for me, Cathrineholm in the wild! I almost screamed when I saw it.
Adding this beauty to my own personal collection.

This hand crocheted table cloth is in the shop (so it the turquoise milk glass).

I like the bohemian feels to this rug
Found these Mckee sail boat fridge dishesa few days after New Years, I figured this was a good sign. 
I'll try to post a bit more consistently, but I make no promises. ;)

Friday, July 25, 2014

Junk(er) Life

I can't even believe it's almost the end of July, maybe the cooler weather is messing with my head. This week I hit up some pretty fun sales and thrifts and found some great stuff to add to the shop. Today I realized I was a true Etsy shop when I loaded 6 bags of packing peanuts and assorted boxes in my car and could barely see out the back. So without further ado, here are my finds and long winded explanations of how I acquired them.

First stop of the week was a barn sale where I found this NEVER BEEN USED  Michael Lax Copco Tea Kettle. The people running the sale told me that this was received as a wedding gift in the 70s and was never used. I just love hearing the stories behind the stuff I sell and I especially love hearing the stories from my customers. I sold a Pyrex casserole to a woman that told me her mom made pudding in this dish and it just wasn't the same since she lost the dish. Another customer who bought a Dansk carving board from me told me he got this very same one on his wedding day and it had been well used and was beyond repair. He was ever so excited to find this one and he never thought he would be able to replace it. This is probably a (big) part of why I love buying and selling this stuff so much, it's always nice to hear the history, the memories and the joy behind these forgotten objects. I have one of these kettles myself and use it every day and it belonged to my grandma. Since she is no longer with us, it's nice to have a daily reminder of her.

Also found some Blenko Suncatchers at the local vintage store in the bargain basement. I have a set of Noah's Ark sun catchers, that I inherited from my grandma and they hang in my apartment windows (and bring me joy).

Went to a true collector/ vintage hoarder's sale this week, the ad said jadeite and you know me, I had to go. When I got there, all I could see were boxes and boxes of stuff. I found some cute cherry glasses (pictured below), but no jadeite. I finally asked her and she brought out these beautiful bowls. She then asked for my number and told me she would call if she found any other stuff I might like.

Well, she did call and I happily took this other jadeite bowl and mickey mug off her hands. I guess she liked me, because the other woman at the sale who wanted the jadeite kept tell her that she was a dealer and then was pretty pushy. I guess sometimes it pays to be nice and not pushy.. 

Uh, world's cutest salt and pepper owls, I couldn't leave these behind.

Found the Oiva Toikka plate at my favorite thrift store, I spotted a woman walking around with a flora bowl and was super upset I missed it. Then strolled up and down the glass section until I spotted this. The Russel Wright and fun glasses came from another estate sale.
So, all in all, I did pretty well. I have a question for you guys, when you're at sales, do you tell people your dealers? I never do, because I think it gives me an advantage. I mean I also do collect this stuff, but mostly I try to re-sell it. I can't continue to buy if I don't sell. 
I'm linking with Melissa's Antiques, because I like seeing what you guys found and I hope you like seeing what I found too.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Turquoise Milk Glass + Carlo Moretti + Moose Swizzle Sticks = A Successful Week

Had another pretty fun week of road tripping and searching. Here are some of my finds: 
Am I the only one who is in LOVE with turquoise milk glass? Got this  at my first estate sale of the week, along with the cabbage jar below.

I can't resist Jadeite when I come across it in the wild.

These Carlo Moretti glasses are probably my favorite find of the week, they're just such a stunning shade of red.
Found some Pyrex (AT A THRIFT STORE!), tried to do some rehab.. it sort of worked.

I lied.. Maybe this biscuit jar is my favorite score of the week because it was FREE. The lady gave it to me because of the damage to the bottom. It's just so beautiful, I happily took it home and will definitely enjoy it.

Don't worry, I bought this Copco spice rack from the previous sale to make up for the free jar. I've been looking for one of these spice racks for a while and picked this one out the garage. Took some cleaning up, but I just love the honey comb shape.

Bought a huge thing of vintage swizzle sticks and these were in the mix.  

This platter was too fun to leave behind made in Sweden by Upsala Ekeby, the mod flower pattern really drew me in.

I'm not sure I could love treasure hunting more and thanks for looking at my finds. I'm linking with Melissa's Antiques + A Living Space +